Monday, February 16, 2015

My Husband, The Dreamer

You know, I never would have pegged Dev for a dreamer. For someone who's so black and white, rational, and logical, he really does surprise me when he talks about plans for our future.

Last night, we had one of those conversations while we were out for dinner at Swiss Chalet.

Oh, Swiss Chalet.

It really is comfort food to me, and it is one restaurant that will always and forever remind me of home and family. My sister and I absolutely die for the Festive Special during Christmas time, and Mom always used to save the little boxes of chocolates and put them in our stocking.

Sorry, about the Christmas talk ... it is February, after all. The fact that my Christmas tree is still up is totally irrelevant. It just looks so pretty, and I don't want to take it down and put the decorations away. It just seems like a lot of work at this point ...

Moving on ...

So, somehow we ended up talking about our Dream Home. Sometimes, these conversations can get a little out of control, other times they're so practical they drive me insane. Last night, the conversation was equal parts practical and whimsy.

Now, somehow, Dev has come to the conclusion that he's essentially Tim Allen, handyman extraordinaire - thank you, YouTube. Once we buy our first home, I will apparently be up to my eyeballs in industrial grade lumber power tools, fabric, cushions, stain, and varnish. Is it bad, that I can foresee several trips to the ER for stitches? Whether it'll be me or Dev getting stitches remains to be seen ... but I'm sure they'll be needed.

So, house number one, is essentially our starter home where's we'll begin saving for our Dream Home - which, in case I forgot to mention is to be built from discarded shipping containers.

Google it.

It looks pretty cool.

Now, granted, I wasn't the first to jump on board when I heard. But, I looked at different ideas on Google, and I have to say, the idea has grown on me. Now, on the heels of that I said that if we were going to go this way, then we were also going to go as green as possible.  I haven't worked the logistics or technicalities out on that one just yet ... but I do know that the plan will include solar panels, and a potential veggie garden ... provided I learn how to properly garden, and not kill things like I did the last time I tried to garden.

We haven't gotten too far in to the details yet, but this is what Dev told me last night. He wants to build the furniture himself, hence the reference to Tim Allen. Now, not to discourage him in any way, but I have no idea how he plans to build furniture. Some of the projects he's thinking about seem a little ... ambitious But Dev is nothing if ambitious. And stubborn.

I'm sure he'll be fine.

In one room he wants to build a hanging bed. So, obviously, this called for more trudging around on the Google machine, and this is the one he showed me:

Looks pretty cool right?! That's the bed for room number two, apparently. The bed for the master bedroom is different, though equally impressive. We both like low beds, and this one is absolutely gorgeous. Whether or not the finished DIY project will turn out equally grand (although, I'm sure it will be pretty fantastic) remains to be seen. But, it is our Dream Home, so let's just assume that everything will turn out exactly like the picture - or pretty close anyway. Lets allow for a little variation for personal taste.  But THIS is the bed that we would be calling ours:

Now, I haven't quiet figured out what we would do when it comes to the mattress. But surely, by the time we get our Dream Home I'd be friends with someone who knows their way around a sewing machine and a fabric store ...

Moving on!

I've also been told that this shipping container Dream Home will also include an indoor pool, and perhaps even a sauna. It was at this point that I jumped in and said that if we're having a pool and sauna then I want a hot room for my yoga practice.

Now, that room will definitely be a challenge, since it has to maintain a very specific temperature and humidity combo, in order for the yoga to be effective.  So, I went once again down into the depths of the Google Machine, and got totally sidetracked.

I found pictures of Bikram at Teacher Training, I found pictures of Joseph Encinia (a world champion yogi). I found pictures of students from different yoga studios ... I saw pretty much everything on the internet relating to Bikram Yoga. And then, finally ... I found this:

This is what I want my yoga room to look like. Now, as much as I love the hardwood floor, I would have to put in carpet - the kind my yoga studio uses. Yes, it will be a little harder to maintain and keep clean, but having the carpet down means that I won't be given the opportunity to cheat and use my yoga mat for Triangle, Standing Separate Leg Stretching, and other postures that require you to take a step at least 3 feet wide. Now, my yoga room will also have a wall of full length mirrors, and another wall of full length windows, to let in natural light. I can also open the window too if I want to allow some ventilation in the room.

Then, of course, the idea of having my own yoga room grew to having my own yoga studio. That part pleased me to no end. I cannot even begin to describe the amount of joy of having my own yoga studio would bring me. And then of course, I got distracted, like one naturally does, by looking at yoga decor. I am self aware enough, however, to recognize that getting led down that particular rabbit hole was getting me nowhere. So, it was with some self restraint, that I put a stop to wandering in the Google machine and its various decor themes and came back here to empty the words out of my head.

And so, dear Internet. That was the conversation I had with Dev over supper last night,

Our dream home.

One day. All good things are coming.

Trust the process.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Saturday Night

I do realize that a lot of what I tend to write about are small domestic scenes, and I'm okay with that. They're easy, and more or less a stream of consciousness type of writing that is good for me, before turning my mind to more creative pursuits.

I do have several writing projects that have been kindly set to one side for the last few months. Even the books I've recent weeks have been neglected. I bought Amanda Palmer's book for Christmas, plus a few more from Neil Gaiman before Christmas and I haven't been able to much more than get a few pages in before gently put aside on my nightstand - the stack is steadily growing, I'm afraid.

Work has basically consumed my life for the last 2 months or so. I was prepping for a big promotions interview earlier this week. It didn't quiet go as planned. I spent 2 months getting ready for it, and while I did ... okay ... I didn't quite get the result I wanted. My promotions interview was broken down into several different sections, and you were graded on how well you performed in each section based on the questions you were asked and the answers I provided. I passed all the section except one - thankfully, my company believes in Do Overs! So, I have to wait a couple of weeks, get some extra preparation in for that section and line up a few meetings with various department heads and get ready to go and slam that section in to the ground! I was pretty disappointed when I found out. I had put so much effort and hard work in to only to miss it by "that much."

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried. Granted, I locked myself in a private bathroom and did that weird, hideous, silent cry. You know the one ... the one where you try not look at yourself in the mirror because it's that bad, and then you get all confused about what you're crying about - "Am I crying because I'm sad? Or am I crying because I look terrible when I cry? Or am I crying because I am that vain to be concerned about how I look when I cry?! What is wrong with me?!?"

And then it just turns in a vicious cycle of crying ...


Sometimes, cable television really friggin' nails it. Now, as much as I am a fan of the Star trek reboot and Chris Pine, nothing can really compare to William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and sweet sweet George Takei.

Goddamn, Ohoura!! Girl got MAD skills, yo!

That was probably one of the single best moments in television history!

Now Dev's gone and changed the channel. That man is most definitely not a Trekkie. To be fair I'm not a die hard Trekkie either, but me and my older brother Ernie would watch it when we were kids, so it holds a bit of a special place in my heart.

So, instead of watching Ohoura grind up on top of a sand dune doing an interstellar slo-mo cha cha, we've changed gears (a little) and have settled on Big Bang Theory. Meanwhile, I'm probably going to change the channel again anyway because we do hella marathons of BBT around here. MIB3 is also on as well. It wasn't the best one in the franchise, but it was kinda fun.

Besides, he's cooking supper ... his vote is basically moot.