Thursday, April 10, 2014

My 30 Day Challenge

So, if you're like me, all you've needed lately is a quick glance at Facebook to realize that there are a million and one challenges going on for users these days.

Currently in full swing are the 100 Days Happy challenge, and the #365Grateful challenge. I haven't jumped on board with the 100 Day Happy one, only for the reason that if you're grateful for something every day then happiness should follow right?

One challenge I have begun though is one you won't find on FB, or Twitter, or Instagram - unless you're following my feeds and random updates. On April 7th, my yoga studio - Bikram Yoga Red Deer - started the 30 Spring Cleanse Challenge. Essentially, it boils down to a pretty simple premise (in theory).  For 30 days straight, you do 30 yoga classes. So, you go to yoga once a day for a month, essentially.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Music is a Religion

I normally don't do a lot of fan posts - that really isn't what I use my little internet space for. I've used it to keep up with my writing - or at least the practice of it, at any rate - and as mental floss, of a sort,  to just really empty out my head sometimes. It does tend to get a little crowded in there sometimes, and while I don't think the internet is really the place, for me at least, to really lay down those soul bearing moments of hurt, pain, love, loss, joy and ... everything else, I've found my way to signal to other people that I communicate regularly with through the vastness of the internet that something important is happening, or will happen, and that I'd like to talk about with them. Usually, when I need someone to reach out to me, they do.

Today however, I am doing a bit of a fan post. I'm a fan of a lot of things, a lot of musicians, writers, actors, and every day people. But my fandom for 30 SECONDS TO MARS is largely a result of a combination of a few very wonderful things.