Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wandering from Saturday into Sunday

Have I said lately, that I love living in Red Deer - hell, Alberta in and of itself is just ... glorious! Dev and I spend quite  a bit of time in Calgary when he comes home. It's a beautiful, trendy city full of shawarma shops, hipster bars, Irish pubs, sheesha bars, farmer's markets, parks and condo buildings. Even in winter it's beautiful.

Red Deer is smaller, but I love it no less. There are trees everywhere and I can't wait for the Spring to really arrive and watch the explosion of Nature waking up from a long and bitter cold winter. I've been in a sushi bar and watched a red deer wander nervously out of the trees to munch on a few surviving strands of grass only to dart back to the safety of the maze of bare tree trunks and naked branches. The people are friendly (for the most part, but there are a few d-bags and asshats - no city is perfect afterall), I'm not driven to WalMart by necessity (I've only been there twice since the beginning of January! Not that I have anything against WalMart or her many world weary, crazy, internet-famous denizens, but I firmly believe that WalMart is its very own circle of unending hell. A sentiment that my girlfriend Trish will attest. We were each other's support when journey's to WalMart were undertaken. We wouldn't have survived without each other and neither would have anybody else if one of us was absent. Sadly, now that I'm in Alberta and Trish remains in Ontario, I fear for her safety and sanity when she has to cross the threshold of that weird universe of sweat pants, messy topknot buns, and reckless, cart wielding individuals who can't navigate safely through the various aisles and then get in their cars and go careening down the 401. It's kind of scary once you stop and think about it. So far, all attempts to get Trish to move out to Alberta have not availed, but I remain hopeful. I know my pleas for the return of her friendship - and safeguarding of her sanity 0 do not fall on deaf ears, and one day she shall brave the broad flat expanse that is Saskatchewan and cross in to this new blissful haven and rejoice in the fact that she never has to go WalMart again. Until then, pray for us interweb.).