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Being Tested Isn't Always A Bad Thing

I can say, with a fair degree of certainty, that I've lived on both sides of this quote within the last twelve months. 
It's challenging. Very challenging.
There are days that are amazing and beautiful and positive. Other days are just kinda ... average. And then there are days that are just plain awful - you question your purpose in life, your value to others (hell, I've even questioned my value PERIOD) and what you're supposed to do next.
When we were kids, growing up and anxious to be adults, I somehow never quite pictured it being like this. 
Reality fell a little short of my childhood expectations, but has become so much better then I could have ever imagined in some regards. 
I think as kids, we all assume that adulthood means no bedtime, we can eat whatever we want (to the detriment of our waistline, but when you're eleven and all you want is unlimited peanut butter and jelly sammichs and all the Gushers fruit snacks you can handle nobody thinks about the c…

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