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A Letter to the Men I Will Love

I am not perfect.

I have never claimed to be so.

I will make mistakes. Mistakes are part of the human condition. But I promise to learn from them. I promise to learn from you, for you, dear lover of mine, are privy to things of which I am ignorant. You are a revealer of secrets and mysteries to me. Show me words I have not read before, utter prayers I have not heard.

I am scarred - my heart a  worn out battlefield. In time, the wounds have healed, though none truly disappear. They are a testament of the woman who stands before you, who has tended to the ruined garden of her heart with great tenderness and care, who shed countless tears to water each blade of grass. She is the woman who learned to cradle her own heart. She is the woman who, when she had no tears left to shed, stood tall in that rugged field and planted her feet in the earth beneath her and sprouted roots to keep herself grounded. She is the woman, thus rooted, who turned her face skyward and kept her dreams alive, watc…

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