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On-Line Dating

So, I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, but never really took the time to sort out what exactly it is I wanted to say. But I think I can essentially some it up with the following sentence:

On-line dating is absolutely fucked.

No, I mean really, really fucked.

But I guess this is the age we live in now. There's so many app's you can download - Tinder and Bumble are probably the most common ones. There's apps for sugar daddy's and sugar babies. There's app's strictly for casual hook ups - Tinder did it first (and probably best) but there are also other ones out there who's names I couldn't be bothered to remember. There's websites that promote affairs.

Honestly, it all boggles my mind.

Since when did we become more comfortable swiping left and right on our phones for a prospective date or potential partner than actually having face to face conversations with one another at grocery stores, pubs, libraries.

We can't even walk down the…

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